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Business Back

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All business owners and leaders
have goals for growth.

But all too often it stops there.

What's Holding Your
Business Back?

Without an understanding of what needs to be fixed in your
business or added to your marketing in order to obtain
those goals, your team will meander and
struggle to achieve them.

This short quiz identifies some areas you need to spend
time on in order to achieve your goals.

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1). Choose the first priority associated with achieving your goal:

  • Adding new clients
  • Getting bigger sales from existing clients
  • Adding a new service or offering to the business
  • Other:
    • Describe:


2). Select the one that best describes your current situation:

  • We aren't getting enough leads
  • We are getting enough leads, but our sales team isn't closing them
  • We are getting enough leads and sales, but our client retention is poor


3). Select the one that best describes your opinion of your company's current marketing:

  • We haven't done any marketing or not enough marketing.
  • We're doing a lot of marketing, but it doesnt seem to be working well enough.
  • We're doing marketing and we believe it's working, but we need more expertise to add to our current marketing efforts.


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