Annodyne’s 7-step methodology resulting in a reliable lead generation system.

1. Research

Our critical research process identifies specifics about your perfect target audience, so you don’t miss out on marketing opportunities.

2. Messaging

Our marketing team clearly communicates the benefit your company provides and convinces prospects to convert into leads.

3. Media

We’re experts at crafting carefully orchestrated messages and publishing them in places where we know your target audience has a presence.

4. Campaigns

We review metrics and seek opportunities to make optimizations. Our relentless attention and adjustments ensures your goals are achieved.

5. Win/Loss Analysis

By scoring your leads and then tracking each lead back to its marketing origin, we gain the critical intel to make the smartest marketing choices.

6. Technology

Utilizing our proprietary software, Annotrak™, we monitor the effectiveness of each marketing channel, measure KPIs, and optimize in real time.

7. Marketing Strategist

You’ll be assigned a marketing strategist from Annodyne skilled in marketing execution, measurement, and performance-based results.


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