Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (since 2017 officially known as the Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau) is tasked with promoting leisure tourism, destination meetings/events, and destination sporting events in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. The region is one of the top tourism markets in the Midwest and Great Lakes.

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The AAACVB has partnered with Annodyne since 2009 as their marketing agency of record (AOR). As AOR, Annodyne manages a comprehensive marketing services program comprising strategy, planning, creative, media buying and tactical execution.

The agency works as a true extension of the CVB, providing concierge level support by an expert team with a feet-on-the-ground understanding of the Ann Arbor region.


With the overarching goals of increasing AAACVB awareness in high yield visitor markets and converting targeted audiences to key prospects for actual visits, Annodyne’s comprehensive marketing strategy is aligned with the CVB’s established KPIs and implemented with a multi-faceted approach:

  • Generate Awareness: In order to increase awareness and interest in the Ann Arbor area, Annodyne employs awareness campaigns that focus both traditional and digital media efforts at specific geographic regions. These media campaigns establish frequent communications with target visitor audience segments in order to ensure brand recognition and keep the travel destination top of mind.
  • Facilitate Engagement: Once the prospective visitor segments are exposed to awareness messaging, they are driven to the award-winning AAACVB website (designed and developed by Annodyne) and encouraged to fill out an inquiry form. The leads generated provide the basis for sophisticated database marketing which enables Annodyne to make educated decisions on how to best deliver ongoing media engagement through a segmentation/personification exercises and content personalization.
  • Activate the Community: To pull through the efforts of awareness and engagement, Annodyne employs a social community strategy that leverages the clout and voice of known advocates. By using a mixture of social listening and paid social media, Annodyne has established a dialogue with past, current and potential visitors in order to amplify the Ann Arbor Area travel experience.


In 2016, Annodyne exceeded five of the CVB’s most critical annual KPIs. This included growing the CVB’s marketing database to over 191,000 qualified leads - a 16% increase over the prior year and a 700% increase since 2010.

At a higher level, Annodyne’s multi-year marketing efforts are directly tied to tourism growth metrics, which AAACVB reports on annually. Our nine year engagement with the CVB has contributed to spectacular growth for the Ann Arbor region’s tourism industry as well as its economic growth. Some notable examples of this include:

hotel occupancy rate
meetings, conferences, and tours booked
  • Ann Arbor region hotel occupancy rates have increased year-over-year since 2011
  • 2016 concluded with a 68.1% hotel occupancy rate – the highest occupancy rate in Michigan and second highest in the Midwest
  • Over 200 meetings, conferences, and tours booked
  • AAACVB estimates a 15:1 return on investment for every marketing dollar spent

Source: Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau 2016 Annual Report


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