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Mar 9

A Higher (Ed) Calling

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I am originally from the UK. Yes, I have bad teeth. I pronounce aluminum “aloomineeum.” I know all British expatriates in the USA (not really, but you have no idea how many times this comes up in conversation). I love football (the “real” football and not that ruining of rugby that you Yanks so love).

Getting more to the point, I joined Annodyne last year in a higher education enrollment/retention strategic projects role. My position is “embedded” on the campus of our client, Montgomery County Community College. I work alongside my talented brainiac colleague Marisa Albanese, who is the other Annodyne “embedded” at the college.


I came to Annodyne from many years in big pharma. I brought to my new role at Annodyne much prior experience in customer acquisition, segmentation and retention, coupled with a passion for big picture thinking. It somewhat amazes me that all those years in pharma proved to be highly translatable in a higher education setting (thanks, Pfizer!).

Working at the college is a fantastic experience. Every day, I get to collaborate with the incredibly talented members of the college’s Project Horizons team. This joint Annodyne/college cross-functional workgroup is tasked with the implementation of strategic initiatives that support the college’s enrollment/retention/completion goals. It is a truly unique and innovative partnership. On any given day, Marisa and I wear many different hats… project manager, analyst, process integrator, planner, meeting presenter. We’ve already accomplished much and I’m confident that Project Horizon’s collective efforts will have a transformative impact.

There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes with this engagement. Equally fulfilling is the certainty that we are helping students — whom I see every day — improve their lives and ultimately make their dreams come true.