The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) recently showcased Annodyne and the agency’s new Hypermessaging solution in the summer 2017 issue of EMBAC Voice, the organization’s member newsletter. Our agency provided members with evidence of proven marketing campaigns that generated not just a better online presence for higher education institutions, but increased enrollments and a more active sales funnels.

Below is the full text of the article:

When Annodyne recently piloted a new service, EMBA Programs realized impressive results.

In two short months, Annodyne’s new Hypermessaging solution resulted in more than 200 EMBA and PMBA leads to a graduate business school client, and in a single month, a different Hypermessaging campaign produced 225 EMBA leads and 215 specialty MBA leads to another graduate business school.

“Since launching Hypermessaging, we’ve seen a 45 percent average engagement rate and an average cost per lead of only $140,” says Anthony Campisi, president and CEO of Annodyne, a full-service digital marketing firm and EMBAC corporate member.

Hypermessaging offers one example of Annodyne’s philosophy and goals in working with EMBA Programs and business schools.

“At the core of our business, we focus on generating new revenue for our clients,” says Campisi. “In higher education, this equates to enrollments – our north star.”

In fact, its performance-based approach led Annodyne to build a proprietary analytics and optimization platform, known as Annotrak™, which helps measure return on investment (ROI). “We’ve calculated greater than 500 percent ROI for many of our clients, a number of which have actually exceeded a 1,000 percent ROI.”

Annodyne began 16 years ago as one of the early pioneers in the digital marketing space. The company’s solutions help schools and programs build a deep pipeline of qualified prospects and help convert inquiries into enrollments.

“The solutions and tools we use to achieve our client’s goals vary, and are selected after a deep discovery process,” says Campisi. “In the short term, we tend to focus on paid media campaigns to offer a quick spike of qualified lead generation activity. This is complemented by longer term strategies, such as search engine optimization, social, inbound/email marketing, and refreshed web destinations, among other tactics.”

Measuring success proves rewarding, he says. “The most satisfying aspect of the business for me is doing a ‘match-back’ at the end of the recruiting cycle, and seeing how many enrollments were attributed to the marketing investment our client entrusted us with.”

Annodyne continually evolves its solutions to reflect changing technology platforms and channels, as well as constantly changing market demands. Annodyne also applies its experience working with corporations and health care organizations to help higher education leverage the successes learned from other industries.

“This allows us to provide a more well-rounded marketing perspective, in addition to our very deep higher education expertise.”
Annodyne learned about EMBAC from a member school and joined as a corporate member about seven years ago.

“Being a member has helped us understand the industry’s needs on a broader scale,” says Campisi. In fact, members helped inspire a new technology product offering. “Ziel™, our private online community platform, was born from hearing repeatedly how the market needed a better way to corral alumni engagement to help boost referrals and support enrollment,” he says.

In addition, Annodyne added a jump-start program for new clients to help them reach their goals more rapidly. Based on lead generation campaigns they’ve run during the last decade, the firm has developed predictive models by analyzing aggregate lead data within its technology suite.

Annodyne values its relationship with EMBAC. “The members of the council are some of the most giving professionals I have ever met. Their eagerness to share their experiences never ceases to amaze me. We’ve developed some of our most cherished friendships and advisors here throughout the years.”

Annodyne continues work with EMBA Programs on ways to improve enrollments, including helping them prepare for the future.

“We’re having more and more conversations with clients about converting their program websites from traditional information hubs into active sales funnels,” says Campisi.

“The disruption being felt globally, across industries, finally has the higher education market ready to take much-needed steps forward to survive and thrive. We’re here to help them tackle those challenges and opportunities head-on.”

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