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Rising expectations

In just 10 short years, mobile devices have transformed the way we interact with the Internet. In summer 2015, Google noted that, for the first time ever, more searches were performed from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

When customers interact with a business online, they expect a mobile experience that’s at least as good as the desktop experience. Nevertheless, according to a recent survey, almost 50% of small businesses have not optimized their websites for mobile viewing.

The tidal wave of mobile computing represents a historic opportunity. If you run a small or medium-sized business in Philadelphia (where we’re based), you’re in a market that’s dense with competition. Adapting gracefully to the mobile era will help you rise above the crowd.


Mobile mindset

Philadelphia mobile optimization

What is your company doing to adapt to this new normal?

Making your website mobile-friendly is only step one, and it doesn’t just mean shrinking your content to fit a smaller screen. The design may need to be simplified, and copy may need to be trimmed to make for a pleasant experience on a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, your mobile version shouldn’t diverge to the point where the design theme doesn’t match or features are dropped.

Since most mobile users are already holding a phone, encourage them to call you instead of sending an email. Make your phone number prominent and “tappable” on mobile. If you’re running advertising on a platform like AdWords, direct people to your phone number instead of your website.


Optimize every customer interaction

Mobile optimization goes beyond having a website that’s impressive on every device. Customers interact with your business in many different contexts online. Each interaction should be mobile-friendly, whether it’s through a search engine, a mobile app or an email client.

If you run a business, then make it as easy as possible for mobile users to find essential information about you, such as your location, hours and reviews. If customers can find your information quickly, without even having to visit your site, then that’s even better.

Register with Google My Business and add structured data to your site to have your essential information appear prominently in search results. Make sure your business is included in directories like Yelp, which is not only popular but also has a highly-developed mobile app where customers can find you quickly.


Don’t forget about email

Mobile Optimized Email

In the same survey that says only 52% of businesses have optimized their websites for mobile, it says a mere 14% have optimized their emails. But not surprisingly, the same mobile trend that’s transformed search has transformed email — more emails are now opened on mobile devices than on PCs.

You can make your mobile readers happy by reducing the size of your emails, both in terms of words and bytes. Make sure your templates have a mobile-responsive design. And, as with mobile search, try to make the essential information apparent immediately, always thoughtful of enhancing the brief interaction the reader shares with you.


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